Carbon Calculated offers a diverse range of services to compliment the ever evolving carbon landscape. Let us become your on-hand carbon consultants, who are able to assist and guide your business through its carbon journey.

Carbon Footprint Interpretation Reports

Carbon Calculated’s Interpretation Reports provide clients with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their business’s carbon footprint, as well as the greater carbon landscape. Each report covers a range of topics developed and customised according to the specific needs of our clients. Some of the topics most popular among clients include:

  • Detailed comparison of historical data;
  • Granular interpretation of where emissions lie within the organisation;
  • Conversion of consumption into energy units;
  • Peer review – benchmarking emissions, emission reduction activities and targets against sector peers;
  • Facilities efficiencies/inefficiencies;
  • High-level emission reduction opportunities;
  • Climate change risk and opportunity;
  • Reporting according to TCFD;
  • Setting targets and Science Based Targets;
  • South African carbon landscape – including potential carbon tax liability; and
  • Water management and trends

Some of our valued clients utilising this service include: